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About Us

Tonyshells Philippines is registered in the Philippines under the name Antonio S. dela Cruz (also known as Tony dela Cruz).


We hold office at #14 Esperanza St., Tinajeros Malabon City Philippines 1470. You can reach us thru email at tony@tonyshells.com


Amphidromus toncruzi, Dharma 2012- A newly described species named after Tony dela Cruz.



For over 30 years Tonyshells Philippines Ltd. has been selling and collecting Philippine and Foreign seashells. We started as a hobbyist  and later became a respectable shell dealer. For many years we have sold and shared our collections to well-known shell dealers and collectors worldwide. Aside from seashells and other marine specimen, Antonio Dela Cruz a.k.a. Tony, dig deeper on landsnail and as a result we are glad to say that TONYSHELLS PHILIPPINES specialize in landsnail and indeed we are the 
"HOME OF PHILIPPINE LANDSNAIL". In fact, there is one rare landsnail specimen name after him last 2012 by Dharma called AMPHIDROMUS TONCRUZI.

Thank you for your visit and we hope you find something interesting here to add to your collection.